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Motorized Wall Mount
AutoAttic Ladder

Ideal for accessing lofts and attic spaces.

The AutoAttic Vip® Wall Ladder is the perfect combination of practicality and invisibility, its flush-to-wall hatch does not impact architecturally on your interior design. Open and close your ladder will be easy to reach the upper floor, whether it is a mezzanine, a vertical wall or garage. Decorate the environment in which it is located and offers a variety of customization possibilities, an example the thermos-panel for extreme insulation. Safe, stable and strong, always ready to function. The hatch panel is magnetic, comes on and off without tools. The remote control guarantees remote operation but installing the wall switch will amplify the feeling in seeing it work. The use of the ladder is very simple.
Motorized AutoAttic Vip® Wall Ladder Standard Version: Multilayered magnetic panel mm16, right handrail, nuts and bolts, lithium battery backup, power supply 110/220V, remote including battery, Certified UNI EN 14975:2010

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