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Mini Plus Stair

The space-saving staircase with steps that have  been shaped or staggered to optimize the space and ascent whilst occupying the least possible space.
The steps are made of solid beech wood and come with a variety of color choices.

Mini Plus is the mini stair or stair ladder created by MisterStep in order to connect any type of environment even in very small spaces, such as Tiny Homes where it would be impossible to install a normal open staircase.

  • Solid beech wood, 1’ 5/8” (40 mm) thickness
  • No knots or splits, maximum stability and mechanical strength thanks to Finger Joint technology
  • Non-toxic water-based coating: 3 layers of paint
  • In solid beech wood in same colour as steps
  • Steel modular elements
  • Powder coated with scratch proof finish
  • Steel vertical columns painted in the same colour as the structure (distance between the columns less than 3’ 7/8” - 10 cm)
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Mini Plus + 1 Kit +2 Kit +3 Kit
 11 steps  1 extra step  2 extra step  3 extra step
total height: 94.4" - 113.3" total height: 102.3"-122.8" total height: 110.2"-132.2" total height: 118.1"-141.7"